Poems by Fiona Gyde

These poems represent some of the ups and downs of highly sensitive living, from one who is a highly sensitive person (HSP), introverted, and also a high sensation seeker (HSS) – I am a ‘lone adventurer’ who likes to explore and have adventures in my own way.

High sensitivity or sensory processing sensitivity describes an inherited trait passed on to around 15-20% of the population. It means that our method of processing sensory information is more careful and complex. Thus we notice more detail, recognise more options, are affected by atmosphere and are therefore easily over-stimulated by sounds, sight, light, touch, feelings and pain, both physical and emotional. We may often be tired. We also tend to be intuitive, spiritual, conscientious and helpful.

I have been writing poems for many years, mainly as a means of personal expression, though I am glad to share some of them with those who also enjoy word-pictures. Naturally, I was writing about experiences arising from high sensitivity before I had ever heard of the term!

I hope that in reading these poems you will recognize a journey over similar terrain as your own and feel encouraged that you do not journey alone.

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